Minecraft PE Servers

We track Minecraft PE Servers to help you find the perfect Minecraft PE server based on plugins and player data. Looking for Minecraft PE Seeds? We've got you covered :)

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Name Version Whitelist Server IP Players Status
Faction PVP0.8.1Public 0/10Online
Minecraft: PE Server0.9.5Public 2/10Online
Minecraft: PE Server0.9.5Public mc.a1an.net:19132 0/10Online
MonsterCraft0.8.1Public 0/12Online
Blame jigs0.9.5Public 2/25Online
Minecraft: iLyPods AWESOME PE Server0.9.5Public mobileplanet.x64.me:19132 0/20Online
iMCPE has gone Public Beta Test for 0.9.5!0.9.5Public imcpe.com:19132 27/30Online
PixelRealmPE0.9.5Public pixelrealm.no-ip.org:19132 0/20Online
[EconomyS] ExtremeCraft[RUS/USA] for 0.8.1 | THE B0.8.1Public extremecraft.net:19132 13/50Online
Welcome @player to MinePocket S10.9.5Public s1.minepocket.com:19132 0/30Online
{-name-:-Lifeboat Survival Games-,-node-:{-type-:-0.9.5Public sg.lbsg.net:19132 2677/4080Online
MinePocket S2 Server0.9.5Public s4.minepocket.com:19132 5/30Online
0.9.5Public ldxcraft.noip.me:19132 5/18Online
DG Pocket Lite DG.us.to:19132 13/35Online
XenonCraft0.9.5Public xenoncraft.pocketserver.net:10520 31/30Online
TeamCraft MCPE0.9.5Public mc.teamcraft.be:19132 50/80Online
DG Pocket Lite play.dgpocket.us:19132 10/35Online
Welcome @player to MinePocket S30.9.5Public s3.minepocket.com:19132 2/20Online
Minecraft: BlocksAndGold PE Server0.9.5Public mcpe.blocksandgold.com:19132 5/40Online
Minecraft: PE Server0.8.1Public playfd.com:19132 11/2000Online
LDXCraft: 0.8.1 (HostingItAll)0.8.1Public ldxcraft.com:19132 0/20Online
Welcome to a CookedPorkChop.net Server!0.9.5Whitelisted pe.nekosmc.info:19132 0/25Online
{-name-:-Lifeboat Survival Games-,-node-:{-type-:-0.9.5Whitelisted sg.lbsg.net:19132:19132 2731/4080Online
XCraft Survival BuildPublic 0/1000Offline
Welcome to PvPCrafter Pocket!0.9.5Public PvPCrafter.ml:19132 0/100Offline