Minecraft PE Servers

We track Minecraft PE Servers to help you find the perfect Minecraft PE server based on plugins and player data. Looking for Minecraft PE Seeds? We've got you covered :)

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Name Version Whitelist Server IP Players Status
[• Экономика •] CrudWorld0.8.1Public ru.24serv.pro:10214 0/20Online
{-name-:-Lifeboat Survival Games-,-node-:{-type-:-0.10.0Public inf.lbsg.net:19132 4016/4080Online
Welcome To CyberTech++! Get Great Deals on All ser0.10.0Public 1/50Online
Welcome @player to XenonCraft! Enjoy your stay.0.10.0Public play.xcpe.be:10520 39/40Online
Minecraft PE - Lotsman. contact: [email protected]0.9.5Public lotsman.ru:19132 0/1000Online
SeRVerOK0.10.0Public nikeron.ru:19132 2/20Online
CFS CROSSFIRE SERVER |Survival|Economy|PvP|Games|A0.10.0Public RPG.pocketserver.net:20098 21/40Online
Lotsman PE 0.10.0. contact: [email protected]0.10.0Public mc.lotsman.ru:19134 1/1000Online
Welcome to ForgedCraft!0.10.3Public 19/40Online
Welcome to ForgedCraft!0.10.3Public ForgedCraft.net:19132 26/40Online
Minecraft: BlocksAndGold PE Server0.10.0Public mcpe.blocksandgold.com:19132 40/40Online
Welcome @player to this server!0.10.0Public awesome-adventure.boogers.tk:19191 0/20Online
Welcome to a CookedPorkChop.net Server!0.10.3Public ApocalypticWar.mycpc.net:19132 0/20Online
0.10.0Public pe.legionpvp.eu:19132 0/40Online
Welcome to a CookedPorkChop.net Server!0.10.3Public Ninjacraftv.tk:19132 1/20Online
Welcome to DG Pocket Survival!0.10.3Public DG.us.to:19132 5/52Online
Welcome to Peepzcraft!0.10.3Public peepzcraft.zapto.org:19132 43/45Online
Minecraft: PE Server0.10.0Public 1/5Online
{-name-:-Lifeboat Survival Games-,-node-:{-type-:-0.10.0Public sg.lbsg.net:19132 3971/4080Online
SeRVerOK0.10.0Public 2/20Online
A+Craft: The Original Multi-gamemode server0.9.5Public play.aplus-craft.tk:35557 2/10Online
Yahoo-Craft Mobile0.8.1Public 0/40Online
Xnett.org Survival PE0.10.0Public mc.xnett.org:19132 13/50000Online
Arcania0.8.1Public 7/25Online
Welcome to a CookedPorkChop.net Server!0.10.0Public 1/20Online