Minecraft PE Servers

We track Minecraft PE Servers to help you find the perfect Minecraft PE server based on plugins and player data. Looking for Minecraft PE Seeds? We've got you covered :)

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Name Version Whitelist Server IP Players Status
XenonCraft0.9.5Public xenoncraft.pocketserver.net:10520 32/30Online
Minecraft: PE Server0.9.5Public 18/60Online
Minecraft: PE Server0.8.1Public playfd.com:19132 20/2000Online
EliteWarfare0.9.5Public 4/20Online
welcome to the Future site Dadda XVI0.9.5Public 0/8Online
Minecraft: PE Server0.9.5Public mc.a1an.net:19132 0/10Online
Welcome @player to MinePocket S10.9.5Public s1.minepocket.com:19132 1/30Online
Minecraft: BlocksAndGold PE Server0.9.5Public mcpe.blocksandgold.com:19132 6/40Online
Minecraft: PE Server0.9.5Public 0/20Online
Arcania0.9.5Public 3/30Online
Welcome to ForgedCraft!0.9.5Public ForgedCraft.net:19132 10/40Online
PoLitZanAI0.9.5Public 3/20Online
TorchPVP Beta Version 24/70.9.5Public TorchPVP.pocketserver.net:16234 10/10Online
MCPE - Steadfast Server0.9.5Public 10/20Online
[B-A Network] Waiting Server!0.9.5Public battle-arena.fr.cr:19132 9/10Online
IntrepidCraft0.9.5Public 9/10Online
[Survival] iMCPE CP&Economy0.9.5Public imcpe.com:19132 25/30Online
MonsterCraft0.8.1Public 2/12Online
Welcome @player to MinePocket S20.9.5Public s4.minepocket.com:19132 17/30Online
Minecraft: PE Server0.9.5Public 0/10Online
[EconomyS] Minecraft: PE Server0.9.5Public LikeCrazy.pocketserver.net:22223 4/10Online
[EconomyS] ExtremeCraff[RUS/USA]|MINI-GAMES: TEAMP0.8.1Public extremecraft.net:19132 29/60Online
TeamCraft MCPE0.9.5Public mc.teamcraft.be:19132 59/80Online
MegaCraftWorld.com [24/7][no lag]0.9.5Public megacraftworld.com:19132 10/10000Online
1.7.10Public 5/60Online